Testimony:  evidence or proof provided by the existence or appearance of something.

* I'd like to thank my God for being a provider, a roof over my head, clothes on my back, shoes on my feet, food on my table. a regulated mind and heart. Most of all, just for saving my soul and a renewed hope in my daily life and walk with the Lord. I cannot tell it all! No, really, I cannot tell it all.   I requested prayer for my Statistics class, and on 12/18/2018 I received my final results on one of the hardest classes I have ever had to take. The end result "PASSED"!!!!!, As of 10/08/2019 I have completed my final class for my Bachelor in Arts Degree, and as of 10/14/2019 I have passed my class finally earning my Bachelors in Arts Degree!  PRAISE GOD! Ain't God Good! Lady C

Susan Davis is a 34 year old mother of 4 small children (7 mos, 1 yr, 2yrs, and 3yrs), who has been delivered from a domestic abuse situation. When she came to "God's Love is For real" ministries, she had ran out of time living in the domestic abuse shelter, and found herself living out of her vehicle, with no heat in it. She had no money to get the heat fixed as well as purchase gas for her vehicle. She was stuck in a hard place, with no where to go. She could not get a place to live for her and her children due to some past issues. However, God did provide for this dear sister and her children.  After living with one of the people of God for a week and a half, and thru much time in the word and prayer, on Feb 28, 2019, God provided Susan and her children with a place of their own to live. Prayer still works! Susan, had secured a part time job as a beautician and a sitter for her 4 babies. God provided the monies that she needed, at the right time to secure the apartment and move in. Truly God is Good! (Update: 05/17/2019 - Sis Davis has secured a full-time job! (Won't HE Do it!)

Christopher Jordan - Prayer Request: complete healing in his body (prostate cancer) - (Update 11/09/18 - Christopher was diagnosed with "prostate cancer" earlier this year (April,2018). His testimony as of 11/2018 is this "My Oncologist called me and told me that my prostate cancer levels are down from 14 to 1.4. I'm am in TOTAL REMISSION! To God be the glory!"  - Chris, God really is Able!

Sandra Dickerson - made the Deans List at the Lincoln College for Spring,2018 - Praise The Lord!

Minister Rose Wilson - around the 1st week of April, 2018, i received a call from my niece Shaqueta, advising me that "momma" was rushed from the nursing home to the Bromenn Hospital. Shaqueta said that the nurses noticed that something was wrongl She had slipped into a coma. The family was not expecting for her to come thru this situation. They were terribly upset, and had uncontrollable tears. "Momma" is all I heard them say.This faithful servant of the Lord, like so many other mothers, was the rock of her family for years. She was the glue that kept everyone together and moving on. She was the one everyone could count on for hope, encouragement and strength. She was the one, now in need and prayer, a word of hope, and strength.  I simply advised my niece and her mother that every sickness does not lead to death, and just as King Hezekiah turned his face to the wall, and begin to pray/talked to the Lord about the word he had just received from the Prophet Isaiah "Thus says the LORD, 'Set your house in order, for you shall die; you shall not recover" (II Kings 20:1-6), this was Minister Rose's time to turn her face to the wall and talk to the Lord about her situation and plead her case. Only she was in a coma and needed someone to stand in the gap for her. I begin to read the Word of God to her out loud, speaking life, because Jesus is the author of life! I prayed for her out loud, and talked to her, although she could not respond to me. I sang to her songs and hymns for encouragement of soul. Other people of God begin calling in also and requesting that the phone be put up to her ear so that they could pray for her. Before I left the hospital room, in the intensive care ward, Mnister Rose Wilson was trying to open her eyes and speak. She was coming out of her situation! God had heard the cries of his servants, and seen the tears. He has delivered! God is STILL ABLE to hear the prayers of the righteous in 2018! He is still working miracles! Minister Rose is still with us!  Momma, is still here! Praise God!

Sis Bisola Bello - has testified to the fact that God has blessed her with a new job, with a better position and better pay. Ephesians 3:20 says this "Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,"

Minister Sheila Whetherspoon, and her daughter Asaia have completed their studies, and will be graduating from Lincoln College on May 5,2018. Minister Whetherspoon says that she thanks God everyday and she and her daughter knows that God has brought them thru. Her 24 year old son Torry, graduated May, 2017 with his "BA" as well. That sounds just like God! (Update: 09/07/18 - Since graduation, Minister Sheila has been blessed with a MUCH better paying job! God is continuing to bless this woman of God as she seeks to please Him more and more on a daily basis!

Cecelia (Lady CeCe), has past the RN test with the state of Illinois after just one (1) try! She is now "Nurse Cecelia" as of April,2018. She cried and said "Praise God!"

Na Shira Brown (daughter of Pastors Joseph and Vickie Brown) has completed her studies and is now "Nurse Na Shira" as of April,2018. Tears of joy and a uplifted hand with thanks to God, is what was given. God is Able!

Montoria - had started seeking out a new job. she was not making enough money. she also had a desire to move to a better/higher position at her place of work. she did not really want to leave the company she was at, however she needed more money, and wanted a better position. she requested prayer from the "godsloveisforreal.org" ministries in November, 2017. as of March,2018, she not only received one better position, but TWO better positions in the department she works in since that time as well as better pay. Praise God! God is Able to do abundantly, above all that we ask or think!

Leniox Campbell -Healing due to diabetes, continued strength for his wife Versa, and their family - update 01/03/18 - Brother Leniox has made it thru surgery and is back at work! Praise God, he said as he shouted thru watch night service, with his first lady right beside him and truly God is Able!

Christian Smith  - graduated from Normal West High School June, 2017. That's great news by itself. But the miracle about this 18 year old young man is that he is Autistic. God can do anything but fail says proud father Freddie Smith.

Sis Joan Chandler - Has made it thru two surgeries and back home healing. Praise the Lord!

Sis Sylvia Neal - God will help her body to adjust to the medicines that the doctor has prescribed for her. - update 01/03/18: back at work, body is adjusting to meds prescribed by doctor.

Sis Janette - God has blessed her with her own place and released her money! God has also given her access to her 11 yr old grandson who was away from her in a pretty bad situation. He came to church with her. Praise God! 01/03/2018

Michelle Brame - God is working! Healing is taking place - Praise God!

Lula Williams - complete healing in her body, mind and spirit.  God is @ work)

Inez Owens- School and finances, healing in her body, new job - God is doing a new thing for Inez, and she is growing in her walk with the Lord!

Minister Shorter – her granddaughter and newborn babies, complete healing and strength update: 01/03/18 - All is well - but continued prayers are requested.

Dorothy Thornton and her church family was on there way to church services in the state of Texas, when from out of nowhere a 18 wheeler came along side them, in the church van, and hit them pushing the van off the road and hitting a wall. NO ONE IN THE VAN WAS HURT OR HAD TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL. Dorothy stated that "it was only God that kept them." She stated that the police also knew that a miracle had taken place, on the highway, Nov,2017 this particular Sunday! Praise God!

LaVonte Rayford - Praise God , this young man has just got his new business " Tank Express LLC"(11/27/2017)

God's Love Is For Real