God's Love Is For Real


U​​​​​​​​James 5:16 ESV:  Therefore confess your sin to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.   

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God's Love is For Real Ministry - I Chronicles 4:10, also that everyone that comes across this website would find encouragement, and know that God's love is For Real! (Update 07/29/2019 - God is at work)

 Pastor A.J. and Lady C. Jordan -  strength and continued covering of God's presence, good health, finances, clear direction,and peace that surpasses all understanding.

Micheal Kelly  - turn to the Lord, protection while incarcerated, his children

Tyronzia Blocker - turn to the Lord, his children

Gwendolyn Blocker - health, finances, that as she turn to the Lord, He will give her peace of mind that surrounds her daily,

Della Mae - health and peace in her circumstances

Sugar Blocker and family - finances, deliverance, healing

Debra (Speedy L) - health, peace, finances, strength and wisdom to do her job well, her walk with the Lord.

Christine and Tony - restoration of  their marriage and vows made before God, their children, and finances.(Update: (04/23/2019) - God is at work in this marriage. Amen!)

Pray for Christians that struggle with gambling. 

Ramone Stephens- Legal Issues

Sis Adriene - guidence and direction

Sis Myra - Finances, clear guidance under leading of Holy Spirit, peace

Bro Tony Childress - Health, Walk with the Lord

Rosie and daughter - peace of mind, healing due to the loss of her baby's father, a place to live, school,finances

Kenneth and Dawn Jones - walk with the Lord, marriage, children, finances, school, job search for Dawn

The Church - that the church will begin to fast and pray for healing and deliverance and that God would move among His people like never before for a time such as this - Joel 1:14,  II Chronicle 7:14

Stephanie Philips and family-lost her dear husband Mark on Saturday morning 08/25/18). please pray for healing, clear direction,and peace that surpasses all understanding. (Update: 04/08/2019 - God is continuing to heal Stephanie and the children. They are moving forward in Jesus names. However, People of God, continue to pray for them). 

Jaqueline Rayford - peace, and family unity, healing in her mind and Body (Update: 09/03/19 - God is continue to heal Jacqueline. She has been unable to walk, but she is gaining her strength back daily. Please continue to pray for her)

Timothy Rayford - deliverance, direction in life, healing in his mind and body

Elbert Craig - deliverance, and that this young man would come to know Jesus as Lord of his life.

Jackie Craig and Family - healing and deliverance

Terrell Craig - that he would find and accept the Saviors unconditional love, and clear direction; also that God will keep him as he is currently incarcerated.

The Floyd family at the loss of my dear Aunt Bessie

Prayers for the family of Robertha Rayford-Douglas - due to her passing just this morning (03/12/2019 at 5:45 am)

Susan Davis and family - A place to live and healing in her marriage, clear direction and a closer walk with the Lord. (Update:09/03/2019 - Susan and her babies have a place of their own and is doing very well. Please continue to pray for employment for Susan.)

George Dominquez - deliverance, health, finances

Rev Hilt and wife Demonica  and family - Healing and finances, as well as continued strength in daily life and walk with the Lord.

Demetrius Owens- Pray Psalms 16:11, regulated mind and heart.b (Update:07/29/19 - God is at work in a mighty way in Demetrius' life! Keep praying people of God.

Vivian - Health and complete healing (Update: 04/08/19 - God has healed Vivian and she is doing very well. 

Christopher Lee - continued good health, Finances, Marriage, a home of his own, in need of employment (forklift driver)

Felecia Shaw & family - complete healing in her body, peace, ministry

Elbert and Willow Mina Rayford - deliverance, peace of mind, healing from past, marriage, finances, family (update: 07/11/2019 - God is moving mightily in every area of Elbert and Willomina's life.)

Freeman Rayford - self-control, and clear direction, health

Mary Adams and family

Justin Jordan

​Sugar Durham - healing, direction, family

Brad Johnson and Family

Monica C. - regulated mind, deliverance, healing, patience and direction as a mother

William and Lisa Hammonds - Restoration of relationships (Williams Son, etc), Ministry, healing in every way

Audrianawa Bowling - marriage, family life, finances, and that she will have a full term pregnancy. (Update:07/29/19 - baby born heallthy, all is well with marriage and family life. Finances is pretty good. Praise Him!)

Don - healing

Corey D. - deliverance, finances, shelter

Kathy Marshall - Complete healing in her body

Freddie Smith - deliverance, guidance and clear direction, help in making good decision.

Verna Chatman - continued good health, that God would release her finances immediately

Wayne Burke - health, regulated mind, a stable place to leave, Salvation, family

Aneisha Bradley and children -that she would turn her heart completely to the Lord and trust that God will take care of her and teach her how to be the mother that she needs to be. Also that God would deliver her from negative influences of anything that will keep her from being a mother to her children, a place for her and her children 

Donald Delaney - deliverance, regulated mind, that he would give his heart to the Lord.

Rachel Phillips and Rejeen - peace, and healing in mind, body and emotions. 

Rev. Eugene Phillips - his ministry and healing and clear direction.

Pastor and Chaplin Keith Thomas - continued direction of his ministry, healing, finances.

Kim Wolf - Rest and complete healing in her body.

Heather Wolf - That God would strengthen her body to carry her unborn child, also that she would rest and trust in God, knowing that He is in control of every situation in her life. (update:07/11/2019 - Baby born and all is well! Praise Him!)

Allen Hearld - health, healing

Connie Hearld - diagnosed with cancer (Update:11/15/2018 - God is at work, medicine is working with Connie's body! Amen)

Nina Grant - Health, a husband, family, finances

Daniel and Paula - their marriage and finances, also that God will bless his new business.

Mason Hearld - that God would cover this young boy with his presence, and guide him at a early age, and that he would learn to hear God's voice.

Roberto and wife Karen - have been homeless and unemployed for 3 years and requesting that God turn their situation around.

Kimberly - her son Brandon has been wrongfully sentenced to prison. Pray that God would intercede and release him. Also for clear direction in terms of her daily walk with Christ, as well as her health, finances, and family,

Christopher Jordan - complete healing in his body (prostate cancer), marriage and family life - (Update 11/09/18 - Christopher was diagnosed with "prostate cancer" earlier this year (April,2018). His testimony as of 11/2018 is this "My Oncologist called me and told me that my prostate cancer levels are down from 14 to 1.4. I'm am in TOTAL REMISSION! To God be the glory!" Chris,God really is Able!

Martha C - clear direction, peace (Update: (04/23/2019) - Martha is doing very well, and God has given her peace that surpasses all understanding.  Praise Him!)

Pastor John and Lady Jenai Rayford - health, and finances, continued peace that surpasses all understanding.

Maria Haule and husband- ministry, a child

LaVonte Rayford - healing, that God will regulate his mind, deliverance

Mia Dobbs - deliverance from alcohol and drugs, peace at mind

Minister Rose Wilson - complete Healing (update: 07/21/18 - out of coma - Update:(09/03/2019 - Minister Rose is still  doing well! God is good!)

Wayne and Tiffany Grant - finances, family, clear and specific directions - (update: 09/07/18 - God is moving within this family mightily).

Christopher Johnson and His Dad - continued healing thru time of sickness and direction. - (update: 09/07/18 - Chris has a new position in the Chicago area).

Dorothy Thornton - healing due to pneumonia (update:03/06/2019 - God is at work. Keep praying people of God. (Update: 04/23/2019 - Complete healing has taken place and Dorothy is back at work! Amen!)

Maria Garcia-Gettman and family - continued prayer for peace and clear direction.

Frank Rayford - healing (update:07/11/19 - All is Well! Praise God!)

Ms Jaylin Jones - clear and specific directions, family, finances, school, Psalms 118:17

Kia - Healing, financial stability, no lack

Aries - Peace of mind, financial stability, Growth in her walk with the Lord

Michelle Dehner and her mom - prayer for healing and deliverance

Melaneice and daughters - regulated mind, peace, understanding, clear direction - (update: 09/07/18 - God has blessed this family with a newborn child, soon to be).

Caleb (tutor) - continued guidance and strength as he tutors at HCC, his marriage, A position as a Professor as God wills.

Melvin and Falon Stewart  and family - healing and deliverance, that strongholds will be broken, clear direction and employment, an apartment/house

Michelle (tutor) - peace of mind and clear direction, as well as strength as she continues her education.

Mother Mary Campbell - healing in her body, unity and direction in family during this trying time.

Ziyad and Wife Rita - clear direction in finding the right job, and that financial needs would continue to be met during this time, as well as continued strength in marriage. (update:08/07/19 - Rita's loss of her sister on 08/05/19. Pray for healing.

Jean & Shaqueta and children - (update 08/07/18 - Healing is taking place in the marriage, and clear direction)

Ginger - peace, healing in her body

Shawn (MCCA), and fiancée Angie and family - That God will continue to use this young man as a point of contact to help young men and women to excel in this life, and for his upcoming wedding to his fiance' Angie.

The Avila family - continued healing from the loss of son Buddah Avila. (update: 02/06/19 - God is working. continued prayers are needed as this family continues to heal from the great loss of their son. Also God has blessed the family with

Buddah's newborn child since his passing last year (Aug 27,2017).. God is in the healing business!)

Bryan Asbury - deliverance and peace, clear direction, healing("Teacher of The Year" at his school - Amen!)

Tanya Marchell 
Jonathan Bridges and his family - complete healing from accident - (Update: 04/23/2019 - Healing has taken Place! Amen!)

Sis Beth and family

Ron Moore - Healing from the loss of his wife (Karen) and son, and clear direction as to were he needs to go from now. (Update: 07/11/2019 - Bro  Ron is doing much better but prayer is still needed.)

Sis Caroline Yancey-Brown and family - rest and trusting continually in God has he changes some things around in her life. (update: 09/07/18 - God has blessed Caroline with a new job. Amen!)

Bro Quay and family - a ear to hear God's clear direction - update 09/07/18 - God is working with this young man greatly. He is becoming a better father to his children and being more responsible. Amen!

Michael Thompson - deliverance, and continual healing.(update 08/23/18 - God has healed Michael, who was in a very bad car accident. Praise God!

Inez Owens - clear direction as only God can give, continued strength to continue with her education, good health, and finances (update: 07/11/19 - God is continually strengthening Inez and guiding her daily as she seeks Him! Amen!)

Savanah Hollemann - healing and direction (Update: 07/11/2019 - God has given Savanah peace all around her situation. Praise Him!)

Bro Marcus and Lady Dee - Pray that God will continue to heal Lady Dee's heart, after losing her mom only months before she graduated from college. Marcus and Dee has also requested that God would bless them with a child. (Update:04/08/2019 - New baby girl here 04/07/2019 - Praise Him!)

Wilbert and Karen Turner-Carr - healing in marriage and clear direction. Karen's father.

Dara Carr and Dan Turner-Carr - school and clear direction as they attempt to pursue their education.

Rev Ricardo and Min Sandra Mallory - family, health, clear direction, a spirit of forgiveness. Also, prayers for Sandra as she is running for the Mayor of Chicago, ILL.

Pastor De Wayne and Lady Vanessa Davis - ministry, marriage, healing from sickness

Pastor Clarence Kelley - ministry, family life

Pastor James Stevenson - healing, ministry

Minister John Jordan - clear direction for life and ministry

Bro DeAndre - music ministry, deliverance, clear direction and that he would know and understand God's voice (update: 06/05/18 - God has given this young man the job of his desire - working at a Television station) (update:07/11/19 - continued directions as DeAndre continue to move forward in his ministry and personal life)

Latasha - marriage and family life, strength and peace

Vince, Michelle and family - healing, direction, jobs

Christians that are being persecuted all over the world, even now in 2018

Amy N. - deliverance
Bob H. - healing in his body

Kirchell Butcher - continued healing from the loss of her son.

Sis Janice Jones - for strength as a wife, mother, and leader, and her son David, that he will turn to the Savior for peace and direction. (update: 07/11/2019 - God is continuing to work for His Glory!)

Women who have been scarred thru the act of abortions, physical abuse, mental abuse, etc

Men and women in the prison system, and who have given up hope. 

Men and women who have endured physical and mental abuse. 

Children who are in the system who have gone thru all kinds of suffering (absentee parents, mental and physical abuse, neglect, not being loved unconditional, etc)

The Church - that the people of God would stand strong and make a real difference in a world that not only need to hear about Jesus, but see the life of Jesus, thru our walk on a daily basis!

Lynn and family @ Royal Nail Shop

Turpin Family (Perris, CA) - healing, deliverance and peace.

The people of God are going thru persecution in some shape, form or fashion all around the world for their faith in Christ.  Let us continue to pray for our brothers and sisters daily! (China, Ecuador, Italy, Iran, US, etc)

Let us pray for all those affected by the school shootings in our country, and all those families and friends who are affected by this horrible act on a more personal basis.

Afghan - Death toll from Afghan blast reaches 48: official thru "Reuters" prayer is needed daily.

The family of Kacee Vassallio, who passed away on 01/15/18 as a result of a very bad car accident. 



Sis Cai - That God would heal her from past hurts in the church, her marriage  and her ministry of dance for the Lord.

Bro Spence and family

Rob Campbell

Pastor Mathew Myles and the Central Pointe Church family

 1s Lady Mc Swain and the Mc Swain family - healing from the loss of the late and great Pastor Frank Mc Swain.

Mt Pisgah - Healing and continued guidance due to the loss of the late and great Pastor Frank Mc Swain.

Pastors Joseph and Vickie Brown of Integrity Ministries

Afni's staff

Scott Black - clear direction in his daily endeavors

Yemi - Clear direction as to where God will lead him in his next steps in this life.

Eddie Jr. - deliverance, peace 

Jerome - deliverance and peace, a place of work

​Jaylin Brown - the loss of his father Corey Brown (update:07/11/19 - Jaylin is still healing from the loss of his dad Corey. God has allowed him to focus on his educational goals and he is the #1 track runner in the state of Georgia! Please keep praying for this 17 year old young man, and that God would continue to direct his daily efforts). 

Brently and Renarda Dumas - marriage, family life, finances, and continued healing for Mom.

Amber Alert for Lynn Roby (age 3) and Jordyn Washington (age 2) - missing since March 14,2018

Cindy Blievernicht - Peace and clear direction. Update: (06/06/2019)   Only God can give this woman the peace that is on her face. she is now driving her own vehicle and losing weight, and it is not due to stress, but choice. her relationship with her daughter Katie is improving in a big way. God is Able! Update: (02/06/2019) - God is healing in a tremendous way. Praise Him! Update: (08/07/19) - praying for a new vehicle.

Katie Blievernicht - strength as a young mother, her two children, Deliverance

​Jennie - healing in her body,and her daughter Jessica -update: (05/23/18) pray for Jessica due to the loss of her newborn son.

Elliot and Trisha -Peace, regulated mind, healing in their marriage and family life - (Update: (05/06/2018) - god is working! Update:02/06/19 - God is working mightily with this couple. Praise God!)

Sabrina Jordan - in intensive care (St.Lous, MO) (06/05/2018 - out of intensive care and doing very well - Praise God!

Minister John Jordan - clear direction in his ministry and daily life.

Minister sharron - clear direction, peace, complete healing in her body. Update: (02/06/2019) - Healing is taking place after major surgery. Amen! Update: (03/06/2019) - Minister Sharon is back at work and moving forward with her life in good health! Praise Him!

Becky Berry and family

Tim L.- healing in his body, deliverance, peace

Ed W.- healing, deliverance, peace

Cynthia F. - peace, healing in her mind and body, strength to take care of of grandchildren

Josie and Family - peace, deliverance, clear direction and healing. pray that God would interrupt the plans of the enemy of soul!

Mr Preston BoBo - healing in his body, mind and spirit

Phil - family, peace that surpasses all understanding, job

Diana Bond - a husband

Matthew and family - healing and deliverance

Hanna and her children - help being a single parent and that she would turn to the Lord and learn to leave her burdens at the feet of Jesus!

Tyne Tinsley and family

Phil Schultz -deliverance, family, clear direction, peace, job - (update: 08/23/18 - God has blessed Phil with a new job. Praise Him!

Montoria Miller - Understanding at her new job.

Schools all over the country where occurrence's of shootings, bombings, and even death is happening due to the random acts of people who choose to take advantage of our places of learning here in America and all over the world.

Audrey Haney and family

Minister Minnie Farris and family - health, finances

Vance Laine and family

Michelle (Tutor) - Survive Math, continued strength

Phylis - healing from the loss of her 11 year old granddaughter (update: 07/11/19 - Phillis is continuing to heal from the loss of her granddaughter. Amen!) Prayers are needed for a new place for Phyllis to live immediately.

Arthur Bradley - deliverance,  clear direction, healing, finances, marriage

Thyesha Jenkins - walk with God, marriage,healing, finances

Sid Rayford - complete healing in his body from surgery, and that he was just rest, allowing his body to heal properly. (update: 10/28/2018 - God has worked and healed Sid! Praise God!

Richard McCabe  - healing from the loss of his wife

Pastor Salvadore Gonzalez& Mrs Juana Gonzalez- healing from diabetes and heart issues, finances, also peace in the midst of the storms.Update: 07/29/18: Praise God for healing Pastor Salvadore after being attacked in his body with severe pain due to his diabetes and heart issues.He is alot better!

Juwanna - finances, strength as single mother, a heart to serve the Lord!

​Matt H. - healing and deliverance, his family

Gazi - Healing and deliverance, finances

Blomington, IL - pray for the families who have lost loved ones over the past year thru gun violence, as well as the survivors.

Tina Herald and family

Sandra Dickerson - prayer for strength and God's clear direction to lead "The Estella Gaston Foundation", and the finances to keep it up and running.

Janice Jones - Her walk with the Lord, Her marriage, her family life.

Edward Smith - protection and deliverance (incarcerated)

Lillian Johnson - healing in her heart, that she will learn to rest in Her God and His soveregn controll in every area of her life.

Linda (C.P.) - Healing, financial, a closer walk with the Lord!

Sonia - Strength to lead and guide her teenage son Jaylin, healing from the great loss of her mother, and pray that her elderly father would get everything done he needs to (selling of house and find important paperwork ) in order to clear some debt up, in order for him to move from another state, to live with his daughter Sonia and her family.

All Seasons Roofing Company - Requesting prayer as they prepare to assist the people of North Carolina in helping them to restore and repair their homes due to hurricane damage. they will be there from 11/02/18 thru 01/2019.