God's Love Is For Real

U​​​​​​​​James 5:16 ESV:  Therefore confess your sin to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.   

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Bloomington, IL 61705
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God's Love is For Real Ministry - I Chronicles 4:10, also that everyone that comes across this website would find encouragement, and know that God's love is For Real! (Update 01/07/2020 - God is at work)

Anyone who has decided to pursue a higher education (A.A., B.A, M.D., PH.D, etc)

Those who are in need of employment

The Homeless, Fatherless, Motherless, Loss of loved ones, those in need of a financial miracle, as well as Mental strength, Physical strength and Emotional strengths, etc

 Pastor A.J. and Lady C. Jordan 

Micheal Kelly  

​Anntionetta Rountree and family

​Dusty and family

Tyronzia Blocker

Ministers Dwight and wife Cindy Perry and family

Tracey Floyd and family

Mark Perry and family 


​Cierra Pugh and children

Gwendolyn Blocker and family

Rose and son Jabril 

Dr Tony Evans and family

Della Mae and family

Sugar Blocker and family

Gatewood Boone

Carlton and Disney Pearson

Debra (Speedy L)

Pray for Christians that struggle with gambling. 

Ramone Stephens

Henry Jones and family

Lee Harris-Owens

Sis Adriene 

Sis Myra 

Bro Tony Childress

Rosie and daughter 

Kenneth and Dawn Jones 

Stephen Williams

Stephanie Philips and family 

Jaqueline Rayford and family 

Timothy Rayford

Elbert Craig

Jackie Craig and Family - healing and deliverance

Terrell Craig 

Elbert Craig

Chuck and Jamie 

Dean Padric

The Floyd family at the loss of my dear Aunt Bessie

Prayers for the family of Robertha Rayford-Douglas

Susan Davis and family

George Dominquez 

Rev Hilt and wife Demonica  and family

Demetrius Owens


Christopher Lee

Felecia Shaw & family

Elbert and Willow Mina Rayford

Freeman Rayford and family

Mary Adams and family

Justin Jordan

​Sugar Durham

Brad Johnson and Family

Monica C and son

William and Lisa Hammonds 

Audrianawa Bowling and family (CPC family)

Kathy Marshall

Freddie Smith and son

Verna Chatman and family

Wayne Burke

Aneisha Bradley and children

Donald Delaney 

Rachel Phillips and Rejeen

Rev. Eugene Phillips

Pastor and Chaplin Keith Thomas 

Kim Wolf and Heather Wolf

Allen Hearld

Connie Hearld 

Nina Grant 

Daniel and Paula 

Mason Hearld 

Roberto and wife Karen

Kimberly and Son

Christopher Jordan 

Martha C

Pastor John and Lady Jenai Rayford 

Maria Haule and husband

LaVonte Rayford

Mia Dobbs and family

Minister Rose Wilson

Wayne and Tiffany Grant

Christopher Johnson and His Dad

Dorothy Thornton 

Maria Garcia-Gettman and family 

Frank Rayford 

Ms Jaylin Jones 


Lenoix and Verisa and family


Michelle Dehner and her mom

Melaneice and family

Caleb (tutor)

Melvin Stewart  

Officer Dave

Falon Johnson and family

Michelle (tutor)

Mother Mary Campbell and family

Ziyad and Wife Rita

Jean & Shaqueta and children 


Shawntelle and daughter

 Angie and family 

The Avila family 

Bryan Asbury 

Tanya Marchell 
Jonathan Bridges and his family 

Sis Beth and family

Ron Moore

Sis Caroline Yancey-Brown and family 

Bro Quay and family

Michael Thompson and family

Inez Owens

Savanah Hollemann 

Bro Marcus and Lady Dee 

Wilbert and Karen Turner-Carr and family

Rev Ricardo and Min Sandra Mallory and family

Pastor De Wayne and Vanessa Davis

Pastor Clarence Kelley ministry, family life

Bro DeAndre 

Latasha and family life, strength and peace

Vince, Michelle and family 

Amy N.
Bob H. 

Kirchell Butcher and family

Women who have been scarred thru the act of abortions, physical abuse, mental abuse, etc

Men and women in the prison system, and who have given up hope. 

Men and women who have endured physical and mental abuse. 

Children who are in the system who have gone thru all kinds of suffering (absentee parents, mental and physical abuse, neglect, not being loved unconditional, etc)

God's Church - that the people of God would stand strong and make a real difference in a world that not only need to hear about Jesus, but see the life of Jesus, thru our walk on a daily basis!

Lynn and family @ Royal Nail Shop

Turpin Family (Perris, CA)

The people of God are going thru persecution in some shape, form or fashion all around the world for their faith in Christ.  Let us continue to pray for our brothers and sisters daily! (China, Ecuador, Italy, Iran, US, etc)

Let us pray for all those affected by the school shootings in our country, and all those families and friends who are affected by this horrible act on a more personal basis.

Afghan - Death toll from Afghan blast reaches 48: official thru "Reuters" prayer is needed daily.

The family of Kacee Vassallio,

Andrea and family

​Jennifer and family

Sis Cai and family

Bro Spence and family

Rob Campbell

Pastor Mathew Myles and the Central Pointe Church family

 1s Lady Mc Swain and the Mc Swain family 

Mt Pisgah Church family

Pastors Joseph and Vickie Brown of Integrity Ministries

Afni's staff

Scott Black - clear direction in his daily endeavors


Eddie Jr.


​Jaylin Brown 

Brently and Renarda Dumas and family

Amber Alert cases

Cindy Blievernicht 

Katie Blievernicht and children

​Jennie and family

Elliot and Trisha and family

Sabrina Jordan

Minister John Jordan

Minister sharron 

Becky Berry and family

Tim L

Ed W.

Cynthia F. and family 

Josie and Family 

Mr Preston BoBo 

Phil and family

Diana Bond

Matthew and family 

Hanna and her children

Tyne Tinsley and family

Phil Schultz and family 

Montoria Miller

Schools all over the country where occurrence's of shootings, bombings, and even death is happening due to the random acts of people who choose to take advantage of our places of learning here in America and all over the world.

Audrey Haney and family

Minister Minnie Farris and family 

Vance Laine and family

Michelle (Tutor) 


Arthur Bradley 

Thyesha Jenkins and family 

Sid Rayford and family

Richard McCabe

Pastor Salvadore Gonzalez& Mrs Juana Gonzalez

Juwanna and family

​Matt H. 

Gazi and family 

Blomington, IL - pray for the families who have lost loved ones over the past year thru gun violence, as well as the survivors.

Tina Herald and family

Sandra Dickerson and family

Janice Jones (CPC family)

Edward Smith 

Lillian Johnson and family 

Linda and family (CPC Family)

Sonia and family

All Seasons Roofing Company