God's Love Is For Real

This Month’s “Youth For Christ” is 22 year old Savannah Holleman.   Savannah, is the eldest of five children. She is currently pursuing her Culinary Degree at Ozarks Technical Community College in Springfield, Missouri. She says that she studies food alot on her own, when she can manage to get some free time. Right now, she is reading about “pasta!” Savannah, says that she grew up in a Baptist church with her family. When she was seven years old, she was baptized, but she admits that at the time, she didn’t actually understand the significance of it. Savannah, says that growing up, she had a pretty happy childhood. But shortly after her family and she finished celebrating Christmas in 2010, her mom suddenly passed away. After the autopsy, the family found out that her mom’s brainstem had a blood clot that formed and burst. She says that “I remember shutting down emotionally after her funeral and never actually allowing myself to grieve and process what happened.”  Savannah was devastated, and begin getting involved with things that her parents would not approve of. Her young life begin to spiral out of control. She had no way of dealing with the hurt that was buried so deep in her heart. One day she got a text from her aunt who invited her to bible study with her. She accepted that invitation. Savannah, says “those studies became a comfort for me, and they were the first real steps that I was able to make towards God. A few months later, January 17,2016, I was baptized (for real this time) and decided to pursue the relationship that God wanted to have with me in Christ Jesus.” Savannah, currently is investing time in the campus ministry at her church that her uncle attends, and is even training to be a leader in the campus singles ministry.  Praise the Lord! Keep holding on to God’s unchanging hand Savannah, because HE (GOD) IS ABLE!